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Through the Passageway Scholarship Foundation, Rite of Passage and its supporters match students who have the desire to succeed with the means to do so. We are proud that this non-profit has assisted thousands of goal-oriented students in continuing their post-secondary education after completing Rite of Passage by providing financial assistance for tuition and books. Funded in large part by our own Rite of Passage staff, our Foundation makes college and vocational trade schools attainable for underrepresented youth.


Working at Rite of Passage is more than just having a job: it is an opportunity to establish yourself in a meaningful career at a dynamic, mission-driven organization. ROP employees are mentors, advocates, and role-models to the youth who need it most. Our opportunities span a spectrum of disciplines: clinicians, teachers, direct care staff, medical staff, and administrators. Unique work schedules support continuity and stability for our youth. Staff enjoy freedom and flexibility that cannot be provided by conventional schedules.

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Mentors and positive, supportive adult role models are vital to youth development and success. ROP partners with, manages, and operates multiple mentoring programs that support youth in community, school, and residential settings. Friends for Youth (FFY) facilitates positive development for Colorado’s at-risk youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems by providing caring adult mentors, life-enriching experiences, and inspiring community connections.

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Collaboration and partnerships with community-based organizations help us advance our mission of improving lives. We actively seek community participation to ensure meaningful opportunities that foster youth recovery and community reintegration. Many of our programs have partnered with local businesses and civic organizations to generate internship opportunities, job fairs, urban beautification projects, and charity fundraising events. Our youth learn responsible citizenry; their communities learn to embrace youth as vital resources and inspiring advocates. At ROP, we recognize that improving lives is a multimodal craft; we welcome novel approaches and multidisciplinary participation.

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Our Foster Family Agency affiliates in California and Utah are private, non-profit agencies that are licensed to certify foster families in the states in which they operate. Foster parents are loving, caring, committed individuals who provide a safe, stable home for children who have been temporarily removed from the custody of their biological parents or guardians. They work as part of a team to re-establish permanency and provide the support necessary to help a child deal with trauma or other underlying problems. Our agency provides stable, home-based placement alternatives for children in California and Utah-based foster care and probation systems. Our program has delivered family-based treatment, training, and enriched support services since 2002.

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Nearly three-quarters of the estimated 50,000 human trafficking victims brought into the United States each year are young women and children. The US also ranks as one of the top three nations of origin for trafficked women and girls; the most significant at-risk population includes foster children and runaways. ROP employs a multi-pronged approach to both prevent youth from falling prey to human trafficking and to foster recovery and healing among survivors. We provide unconditional support as we advocate for, counsel, and provide education services utilizing strengths-based, trauma-responsive care informed by evidence-based models to promote healing for survivors of sexual exploitation and to aid in their successful reintegration into the community.

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