Dedicated to improving the lives of youth

Rite of Passage helps over 2,000 at-risk and vulnerable youth nationwide by providing targeted programs, services and unique opportunities that prepare them to reunite with their families and communities. Our Academic Model™ delivers care through a supportive, normalized milieu with a focus on a youth’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. This approach emphasizes family involvement and community outreach. For our youngest children, we provide a supportive, caring environment with the objective of family permanency and preservation. Our adolescent population learns the value of empathy, integrity and work ethic while obtaining an accredited education and valuable life skills.

Rite of Passage programs produce lasting success for youth and families. Our graduates continue on the path to post-secondary education, begin professional careers and become advocates for health, wellness and youth in their own communities.

Mission and Vision

Rite of Passage is committed to helping children through providing quality programming which offers safe, clean and caring environments where they can develop and grow.

We are driven by our mission, vision and core values to provide the best evidence-based services to youth in need.

Mission: Dedicated to improving the lives of youth, families and communities.

Vision: Our dedication to youth demands our full participation in services to rehabilitate and help them. Our values reflect those of a business founded by people who wanted to help youth succeed. Our youth-centered approach, with a focus on providing normalized environments, safety and caring relationships, and positive opportunities for learning and personal growth, reflects our commitment to tomorrow’s generation.


Community Connections: Promoting community engagement provides our youth with opportunities to develop positive relationships and a sense of belonging and purpose.

Environment: Our program environment is therapeutic, gender-specific and trauma-informed which promotes learning and growth through a normative atmosphere.

Positive Youth Development: These principles embrace adolescent brain science through incentives, recognition and respect, with an appreciation for youth voice and choice.

Partnerships with Families: We articulate our pro-family and pro-youth approach to enrich connections between youth and families.

Programming: Structured, purposeful, pro-social and strength-based programming is delivered by diverse, motivated staff.



Evidence-based Practices 

As a learning organization, Rite of Passage integrates the latest evidence-based and research-based practices into every aspect of its service delivery. We follow the latest findings for the most effective practices in education, curricula development, cognitive-behavioral interventions, problem solving development, critical social skills, and family therapy while offering youth meaningful opportunities for practicing responsible behavior in their homes, schools and communities.

While in a Rite of Passage program, youth learn social skills, gain academic knowledge, gather vocational-technical competence and independent life skills which will enable them to lead successful lives.

Improving Lives Through