About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Rite of Passage is dedicated to improving the lives of youth, families and communities.

Our dedication to youth demands our full participation in providing services that empower them to become advocates in their own lives. Our values reflect those of a business founded by people who want to help youth succeed. Our youth-centered approach, with a focus on providing normalized environments, safety and caring relationships, as well as positive opportunities for learning and personal growth, reflects our commitment to tomorrow’s generation.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Rite of Passage values diversity, inclusion, and condemns all racism. As an organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth, Rite of Passage focuses on recruiting, training, and promoting a diverse staff to match the identity and backgrounds of the students we serve. Rite of Passage is committed to offering youth treatment services and adult employment opportunities that do not discriminate based on a person’s race, gender expression/identity, religion, sexual orientation, culture, disability, or ethnicity.

Core Values

Rite of Passage core values infographic

Youth-Centered Programs & Opportunities

Our specialized programs promote opportunities, strengths and skills within normalized, nurturing environments.

Safety, Accountability & Responsibility

We operate programs as if they were serving our own children.

Staff Contributions

We value our staff, who are driven by our mission to improve lives.

Partnerships with Families & Stakeholders

We implement youth, family, and stakeholder engagement strategies to generate sustainable positive outcomes.

Continuous Learning

We are an evolving, data-driven organization that adopts evidence-based practices that best meet the needs of youth.