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Preservation & Reunification

Our family-focused, community-based preservation and reunification services are designed to assist families by keeping children safe while improving parenting and family cooperation through therapy, skills training, and support services. We work with families in both clinical settings and within the home via our Proud Parenting program. For children in foster or short-term out-of-home care, our agency offers intensive, individualized, skill-based services for parents, allowing them to regain custody of their child and embark upon a safe and successful reunification.

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Education Services

ROP accredited schools offer normalized academic environments for students who have struggled in traditional public school systems. Our educational programs serve various populations, including youth with autism, behavioral challenges, and specialized academic needs. Our rigorous instruction uses advanced classroom technology to accommodate all learning styles. Career and Technical Education opportunities (such as WozU, OSHA, First Aid/CPR and ServSafe) are offered in partnership with leading certification programs selected to match local and national hiring trends in industries such as technology, construction, nursing, and culinary arts.

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Behavioral Health

Providing individualized therapies with extensive inter-agency case coordination, ROP behavioral and outpatient services establish a collaborative network to support treatment, recovery, and healing. We provide a diverse and compassionate continuum of care to ensure we accurately evaluate and effectively support individuals requiring treatment for trauma, behavioral health issues, crisis intervention, and substance abuse. Our team of experienced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialists, Masters-Level Therapists, and Behavioral Health Technicians ensure clients recover, build positive relationships, and achieve wellness.

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Therapeutic Foster Care

Our therapeutic foster care programs provide stable, home-based placement for children in the foster and probation systems. We establish safe, supportive homes for children while providing their foster families with the training, resources and support necessary to generate positive, nurturing environments. Successful matches between foster parents and children are absolutely essential; we are committed to ensuring every child is placed with loving, dedicated individuals fully equipped to engage the unique strengths and needs of their foster child.

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Specialized Residential Programs

ROP offers specialized residential programs for high-needs, at-risk youth who may require more intensive care than traditional community or child welfare services can provide. Our residential programming serves youth affected by severe emotional trauma and behavioral challenges; effective, mission-driven care is delivered in state-of-the-art facilities in which treatment, education, vocational training, and positive developmental programming are aligned with our Integrated Care Model. Our creative, strengths-based approaches empower youth to become confident self-advocates at the forefront of their own growth, healing, and recovery.