March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Response: Essential Service Provider

Rite of Passage meets the local, state and federal definitions of an essential service ​provider and our programs will remain open to care for our vulnerable population. In light of some governments temporarily closing non-essential business and issuing shelter-in-place orders, ROP is providing additional resources and recommendations for staff who must travel to and from work:

  • Site leadership will ensure every staff has a current Employee badge/ID to show to authorities if they are questioned in shelter-in-place communities. We encourage staff to wear their ROP badge to identify them​selves as employees of an essential service agency.
  • An employee travel letter was created that will be signed by the Program Director or designee to authorize employees to travel to and from work. Each site will be responsible for distributing this letter to employees in shelter-in-place communities.


In addition, an all-staff email was distributed to inform staff of information, resources and updates regarding ROP’s response to COVID-19​, which is also located on our website.