Policies and Procedures

The health and safety of every staff member and every youth is Rite of Passage’s top priority. We are providing regular updates to all staff through email, and are continuing to monitor and implement CDC, state and local health authority recommendations to provide the safest, cleanest and healthiest environment possible so that no staff should worry about being unsafe.


ROP has updated several policies in order to best support our staff and provide additional resources during this difficult time:


100.306 – Perfect Attendance Bonuses provides perfect attendance bonuses to direct care and critical post staff who are able to consistently provide supervision, education and care for ROP’s youth.

600.104 – Cottage Group System provides staff and students with a small, safe and family-like setting within a larger treatment setting. Students should keep in their small cottage groups in the event of an emergency, pandemic or epidemic.

600.358 – Home Passes during a pandemic will follow policies to ensure the continual health, safety and welfare of the youth and to prevent the transmission of the virus within the community.

700.118 – Epidemic and Pandemic Plan (English | Spanish) is written specifically for COVID-19 and includes procedures related to masks, disinfecting rooms and exposure protocols from CDC.

700.118 Addendum – Phased Approach to Safe Operations This new policy addendum is designed to act as a framework for sites to develop their site plans as we see jurisdictions begin to ease restrictions. Sites should use the matrix from this policy to guide their operations.

700.118 FORM – COVID-19 Student Intake Screening and Monitoring Tool was created to streamline the documentation used to monitor new intakes to programs.

700.118 FORM – Medical Isolation Student Symptom Log is provided for COVID positive or presumed positive youth. Protocol requires a symptom checklist to be completed four times a day and include a series of questions to monitor and gauge status of the student’s symptoms.

700.118 FORM – Return to Work Acknowledgement has been created for use in accordance with the Policy 700.118.

700.118 FORM – Staff Screening Tool (English | Spanish) has been created, based on CDC guidelines, to aid in the safety of our programs by ensuring all staff entering an ROP facility do not have COVID-19 related symptoms.

700.118 FORM – Student Discharge Screening Tool will be used to document the health status of students when they leave our programs.

700.120 – Visitor Monitoring ensures campuses have a single point of entry and provide a screening instrument for each visitor before allowed on the campus. If accepted on the campus, all visitors shall sign in so that we can track their location.

700.120 FORM – Visitor Screening Tool (English | Spanish) has been created, based on CDC guidelines, to aid in the safety of our programs by ensuring all visitors entering a ROP facility do not have COVID-19 related symptoms.

700.120 FORM Visitor/Vendor Daily Log To ensure proper documentation of all visitors to our campuses, this form was created to track the date, time, reason for visit, who was visited, and where the visit occurred.

700.122 – Epidemic and Pandemic Plan and Protocol for Student Employment outlines the steps to be taken should a student in an Emancipation Group Home intend to continue their employment during the pandemic.

700.123 – Non-Residential Schools COVID-19 Policy is provided to provide guidance to students, teachers and administrators regarding safe practices and protocols in a school environment.

Additional Policies & Protocols


CDC Guidelines for Staff Who Have Been Exposed to COVID-19 Cases outlines steps necessary should a staff member be in contact with a person who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Extended Leave for High-Risk Employees.  Staff who self-identify as high risk for COVID-19 related complications may opt to be excused from work for an extended period of time. Excused absences will follow PTO and Leave of Absence policies.

Medical Isolation Student Symptom Log is a form for use on a COVID-19 case, which includes symptom checks questions and times.

Protocols for Confirmed COVID-19 Student identifies steps necessary when a student has a confirmed COVID-19 test and remains on an ROP campus.

Safe Activities for Those Fully Vaccinated provides guidance on the level of safety for outdoor and indoor activities based on whether an individual is vaccinated or not vaccinated.

Travel FAQs As ROP sites phase back and staff and students are more active with traveling, we have developed a set of FAQs to help guide site travel practices during this pandemic.

Visitation Guidelines have been created to safely facilitate in-person visitation at ROP sites and will follow CDC, state and local guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of students, staff and visitors.